Mold and mildew on the side of an old wood siding home

If there isn’t noticeable damage to your home’s siding from a storm or other accident, you probably aren’t thinking about siding replacement at all. However, perhaps you should be thinking about it, even if there hasn’t been an “event” to put it on your radar. Siding lasts a long time, but not forever. The siding […]

Damaged siding

A big storm can create all sorts of surprises for homeowners. A commonly needed repair after a storm is to your home’s siding, whether the siding is wood, composite, or vinyl. A falling tree branch, a projectile blown by the strong wind smashing into the siding, or the wind getting underneath a siding seam and […]

Big Hail

Big Hail Means Big Problems for a Roof: 4 Signs You Need a Pro There’s nothing quite like sitting in your house listening to the hail pounding outside. You know you are safe, but you can’t help but wonder what damage is happening to your property. What will your car look like in the morning? […]

home insurance claim form

How to Get Insurance to Pay for Roof Replacement After a Storm You’ve sustained roof damage after a storm. It’s no fun, but you’re not alone. Here in the Minnesota and Wisconsin area, we have beautiful vistas and powerful weather. When a storm takes out your roof, there are people you can trust to turn […]

Front yard of house during day aftermath after storm roof tile shingle lying down on grass

When your home is ready for a new roof, you need to trust it is installed correctly. Your roof is the crowning glory of your home and the structure that protects you, your loved ones, and your belongings from the elements. It is also one of the biggest financial investments you will make in your […]

Contractor looking at home with estimate form on clipboard.

How Long Does a Roof Last in Minnesota Minnesota has a beautiful but varied climate. We sometimes experience harsh winters and high winds which can contribute to a great deal of damage when it comes to our homes. Hail can pummel your roof, and wind can rip off shingles. Let’s see what this extreme weather […]